Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Zero Waste

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Only in my dreams would you find a pantry like this in my home. Not only is it amazing, but it is one that produces zero waste. Yup, that's right - ZERO! My mother-in-law Julia sent me a link to this blog earlier in the week and I knew I had to write about this amazing woman. In this post, she writes about her kitchen and the amazing things she does/has done to produce zero waste. I know I have repeated that phrase a lot, but honestly... I am amazed, inspired and challenged beyond belief. If I can do just a few of these things, I think I will be leaving a better world to my children and their children.

She buys in bulk, using her own reusable bags and jars when she makes purchases. And suggest we start  with one small resolution and go from there. One is, "I will not bring another plastic bag into this house."

She uses glass canning jars for fruit and veggies that are out of season.

Makes whatever she can that isn't sold in bulk: butter, yogurt, etc.

Are you asking yourself right now if you have it in you to do this? Possibly thinking, "what's one thing I could do?"  It's a BIG challenge for a very worthy cause. My biggest challenge in doing this? TIME. xo


  1. Oh it looks so organised too! Thanks for the link - heading over there now.

  2. I am again inspired!!!

  3. But without plastic bags in the house, what do you reuse to scoop cat poop out of the litter box into?


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