When No One is Looking...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today we get to hear from a lovely mum in Australia. Engracia writes a beautiful little blog about her life called Lynwood Musings. (It's a daily read for me.) I have asked her to share a few things she does "when no one is looking." You are in for a real treat. Enjoy!

I'm a mum to two typical boys, from the moment they wake up (and that's around 6am) we're off and running.  Every day is a hectic and frenetic collection of moments.  Both boys are at preschool, but Luke goes 3 days and Jack 2 days, so I always have a boy that needs to be entertained and stimulated.  We have so much fun, but there are times a Mama needs to do something just for her and no one else.  So welcome to my secret little world of what I get up to when no one is looking ...
I can't leave the house without making the beds, oh the sight of a freshly made bed, I just love it. But sometimes, I can't resist it, I just love getting up on that bed and doing a few star jumps!
Dream about having a little girl and playing doll houses with her.  My boys are into dinosaurs, trains, planes, cars, trucks, loud noises, soccer, cricketwhich a whole lot of fun. However, I'm quite girly so would have loved to play some of the games and toys I used to play with my sisters with a daughter.
Collect cows. I scour the internet, op shops, toy shops, homewear shops for cows.  I just love them, they have the most beautiful soulful eyes.
Plan trips to exotic places, I love to get out our giant atlas and choose a place and then research it and work out how to get there and what to do there. I have a notebook with all my plans. I think I secretly want to write an adventure story of all my imaginary travels, some of them are to pretty wild places, like the Gobi Desert.  A girl has to dream.
When my husband is out for the evening and the boys have gone to bed, I love having breakfast.  I think it is quite decadent - fluffy golden eggs on crunchy sour dough, yummy.
I'm addicted to these lollies (candies or sweets) especially the snakes.  I can eat a whole packet in one seating, in fact I hide them from everyone else so no one else can eat them!!
I keep notebooks of lists, scribbles, stories, poems, whatever pops in my brain.  They are truly private and never for public viewing until I've passed on. 
Finally, and I like to do this all the time regardless of who is looking.  Smile and laugh.
Thanks Brooke for having me, it has been fun sharing some of my little secrets.

I know, she's lovely isn't she? xo


  1. Engracia, I love your post here - everything from the atlas to the dollhouse, and your breakfast for dinner :)

  2. Thanks once again Brooke for having me over and thanks Alli for your sweet comment.

  3. What a lovely post. I little glimpse of life Engracia style. Thankyou.

  4. Wonderful post Engracia! I loved reading your list. And you have a great blog Brooke, I will be back again for sure!

  5. I loved Engracia's guest post and am glad I popped over and have now discovered your blog too Brooke :)

  6. i just love her...even more now.


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