Now I REALLY Love Koozies!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Koozies (can coolers) are phenomenal. They keep your beverages cold while you float in the lake, ride in a boat or picnic outside. They're cheap and usually given away at fairs or conferences. I have yet to determine why there is not a koozie for pint ice cream, but that's another post.

Above is Liam. My two year old. He's a mess!  We call him out little Maniac. He's totally crazy, hilarious and more than a handful. So why am I talking about him on a DIY post?  Well, there is one cabinet in my kitchen that my kids can get into. It's the one with the lunch boxes and koozies. Liam really likes getting into this cabinet. His favorite thing to do is grab the Verizon koozie (whose bottom was half ripped out) and put it on his arm like a bracelet. Eventually the whole bottom of the koozie gave way and Liam had his own little bracelet koozie. One day while watching him walk around with this thing on his arm I got an idea... "oh, that koozie would make a great graphic fabric stamp." And tada - today's DIY was formed.

Here's what you'll need to make your own printed fabric:

Fabric paint
Fabric (I used muslin. Wash and press before printing.)
Koozie (with bottom removed)
Towel (to go under fabric in case the paint bleeds through)
Paper plate (or something else to contain your paint)

Step 1 - lay down towel

Step 2 - lay down fabric

Step 3 - pour paint onto plate

Step 4 - dip "stamp" covering entire area of "stamp"evenly

Step 5 - press onto fabric in desired pattern

Step 6 - allow paint to dry (set paint with warm iron if required)

It's that easy! Fun right? And there are so many cool things you can do too - the possibilities are endless! I  made a car organizer for my boys toys out of mine. (see below)

after filled with stuff

Oh gosh, I love me some organization and some easy, self-made fabric! What will you make with your fabric?  Don't forget to check back tomorrow, as we reveal the winner for the FINAL DIY. See you then! xo


  1. I'm curious - did you make this so that it drapes over the back of the car seat and has pockets on the other side - so you could place things in the back of the car in pockets? Somewhat like a saddle bag?

  2. No I didn't but that is an excellent idea! It is one sided for the boys stuff to be pulled out and put back into easily. My car is always a mess - but no longer!

  3. Love the fabric stamping pattern and love the car organizer! I so need to make one for our car!

  4. Have you ever considered doing a giveaway now and then of the cool stuff you make!?! Just saying!!! If you ever do I for sure want to be included in the drawing! :) Love this! And my 2yo Lilly would be quite the match for Liam! She too is a firecracker!

  5. Yes koozie are thought of as beer holder but today you can get just about any design you wish on a koozie.


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