Around the House: In Portland

Monday, August 23, 2010

Since I've been out of town for quite a while now, I thought I would show you a few things that I've been doing while on vacation with my sweet husband.

Had THE best cup of joe I've ever had here. Not kidding. No sugar added.

Made new friends.

We have walked a TON. My whole body is sore. Pathetic.

Strolled the Alberta Street Market and saw a bunch of cool stuff.

Enjoyed the quirkier side of the city - bike rack koozies. Love it!

Went to Cannon Beach. Took in the amazing scenery. Made some Jacques Custeau type discoveries. All with my hot hottie husband.

Had some insanely delicious and fresh ice cream here. Five words... Chocolate. Peanut Butter. Black. Cherry.

The weather rocks. The city is full of inspiration. Everyone is nice. I love this place. What have you been up to? Been anywhere cool? Have you been inspired? xo


  1. We went to sea world which was lots of fun! We even found a really neat artsy part of San Antonio and ate a great brunch at the Mad Hatters Tea Room! I am sooo jealous of your cooler weather up there!!! Have fun! ;)

  2. sounds so fun.
    and um, yeah, that ice cream is making me drool.
    we have some great college friends in Portland (he is a pastor up there at a church called Eden Bible Church). I thought it was a great city- did you go to Powell's books? Or any of the McMennimon's (I have no idea how to spell that) places?

  3. Great times. Great city.

    Nicole - Oh yes, Powell's was a must. I love the smell of books. xo


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