Happy Giveaway Day!

Friday, August 13, 2010

That's Right...Step right up folks. One and all! It's Pure and Noble's first GIVEAWAY! What's the prize you ask? Remember this?


Rules - there are always rules! No worries. It's easy, simply leave a comment below! Please note that all persons entering must be a follower of Pure and Noble. Not a follower yet? Sign up now and then leave a comment.

We will draw the winner Monday evening! So get your comment in by 12:00 noon Monday. Ohhhh gosh, this is so exciting! xo


  1. Just to say that's a nice thing to do but I don't want to get in the contest because i live too far away from you and it would be VERY expensive to send it.

    Big kiss


  2. DON'T FORGET... you MUST be a follower. Come on, sign up to follow Pure and Noble. It's painless. Promise. xoxo Can't wait to see who gets this clutch. xo

  3. I've always been a subscriber, but now I'm a FOLLOWER! :) Not exactly sure what that means, but I'll do it for you! As always, I love your creative ideas!

  4. Love the clutch!
    PS I'm a follower!

  5. I'm a follower! I love the clutch and all of your VERY CREATIVE ideas! You are quite an inspiration!

    Blessings & THANK YOU!!!!

  6. Just discovered your blog recently through your interview with Jon Flaming. I'm enjoying it! And, I'm a follower. Thank you!!!!

  7. ah! so cute. P.S. I subscribe in google reader (I don't use blogger's follower thing). Does that count?

  8. I'm a follower now! I would love that adorable clutch!


Hey... You! I think you are the tops for showing the comment love! Thank you for your comments and support. It means so very much. If you leave a comment, you will find the reply in comments as well. xo

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