Labor of Love

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One of my biggest longings is to have an amazing backyard. You know, an oasis. My own private sanctuary. But with my two brown thumbs and two preschool boys, this dream will have to be put on hold for a while. However, a mere three hour drive puts me in Austin, Texas at the home of Susan and John Horton. (My best girlfriend's parents' home.) THIS is where I get to stay every time I go visit and where I spent this past weekend!

I know! Heaven right? Are you drooling yet? While eating fresh fruit and drinking coffee by the pool, I asked John how many hours total he thought they had put into their garden/backyard. He replied, "about a year's worth of work if you total all the hours." What? Did I hear that right? A year? Labor of love indeed.

starting grounds for many of their backyard beauties

even their turtle has an oasis of his very own

great spot for morning coffee looking out into the Texas hill country

It gets better...this backyard friends, is where my best girlfriend of almost 15 years will be getting married in just two short weeks! Lovely right? I'm so excited! The best part is that I get to call this place home as well and every time I go "home" I am greeted with love, blessings, warmth and fun. Susan and John are the most laid back, warm, loving people you will ever meet and you feel that the minute you step into their home. I love you guys! xo


  1. Fantastic place! Definitely worthy of every working moment! And how important it is to include such a beautiful environment in one's everyday life! I wish I had one.. *sigh*

  2. I seriously want to go there!!!

  3. beautiful! love the plumeria especially (my fave!).


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