Weekly Challenge: The Same, But Different.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Does what you're wearing ever affect your mood? It does me. If I don't like what I'm wearing or it's not comfy, I don't feel so great. It used to be this way with scales too. Years ago I decided I would not step foot on a scale again or have one in my home. I am committed to not allowing a number determine my worth or mood for the day. (I even got on the scale backwards when I was pregnant and asked the doctor not to tell me how much I gained. I didn't want anything rob my joy of being pregnant.) Why are clothes any different? I must admit, clothes are a heck of a lot more fun than scales and numbers. I do so enjoy the colors, shapes, textures and putting them all together to create something the reflects my personality. But when it changes my mood - there's a problem.

This week I challenged myself to wear the same thing for the entire week. The ensemble? A white t-shirt and gap skinny jeans. I did change my shoes and necklace, but that's all. Oh wait, and under garments changed as well. My husband thanks me for this! Ha!




It should be noted that Friday (today) the t-shirt changed from white to black. Here's why: Abortion Blackout. There are so many affected by this tragedy - the walking wounded I call them. I have made this pledge in honor of every woman and man that has been touched by abortion - the wound is deep. Please don't misunderstand me, I whole-heartedly support a woman's right to choose. But I also think she should have all the facts. All of them.

What has your challenge been this week? Will you join me in making a difference in your own life one week at a time? It doesn't have to be major, it can be fun or silly too. I have to admit, it was nice to roll out of bed and not wonder what I would wear and no one said anything to me - like, "hey, weren't you wearing that yesterday?" Or "trying to cut back on the wash huh?" It was kind of liberating, not a Debbie Downer at all. I will be wearing the same white tee and jeans Saturday to make up for my sick day. Hey, I'm committed! Happy Friday peeps. I adore you lovely readers! xo


  1. Weekly Challenges sound fun! How in the world did you keep your white tee white all week, Mommy? I'd have a hard time with that. =)

    Take care,

    Amy Beckham G.

  2. i love this! and i love your mirror. can i come visit and wear white tees and skinny jeans with you? that's my uniform of choice, as well. or a tunic/short dress over skinny jeans. you're a babe. that is all.

  3. you are too cute--and I love this challenge

    No weekly challenge for me, but I am making the habit of spending time with God in the morning, asking His will for me for the day, before I turn on computer, tv or open a book.

  4. Amy - I have no idea how that shirt stayed white. I even worked on some projects in the garage a bit. I was amazed and grateful! ha!

    TT - come on over...I mean, you're hubs is already here. you may as well come too. xo

    Julie - thanks so much! I love your habit. It's one I long to create for myself! xo

  5. What I wear definitely affects how I feel - if I like my outfit I automatically walk around with a smile, if I feel daggy and don't care about my appearance, that is reflected in my mood. Good on you for setting yourself this challenge. My challenge this week has been to stay positive and enjoy the lovely things in my life without letting my current health issues bring me down :)

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