Sick = Pajama Jammy Jam

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What do you do when you have two little boys and feel like a truck hit you and your head is about to explode? Declare a pajama jammy jam day with movies, popcorn and cookies!

Yesterday's Agenda:

watch movie #1 - Little Mermaid. Not watching again! I used to love this movie, but as a parent, I can't help but think, "She's 16, defiant, disobedient and gets what she wants in the end?" No thanks.

play outside while mommy lies down on the quilt - Thank you Lord for a nice cool morning.

build fort - complete with flashlights.

eat lunch prepared by the most amazing man on the planet while mommy take a long nap.

watch movie #2 - Up! Still in pajamas with popcorn on the couch.

make/eat homemade chocolate chip cookies - some for the neighbors (finally) and the rest for us.

Kiss the kiddos as they go out the door with their daddy to church. Mommy is still in pajamas and takes the opportunity to get some computer work done and drink Gatorade.

I think the day was a success, but it was challenging for sure. I am forever grateful to my loving husband who worked from home today to help me out. I am the most blessed woman on the planet! How was your day? xo


  1. Good man! Hope you are feeling better. Funny cousin's little girl got an Ariel doll for her birthday and promptly blurted out to all the guests: "We don't like Ariel because she's disobedient to her father!!" You're not the only one with that opinion...and having that same dialogue with their kids.

  2. Oh you poor thing Brooke. It's so hard to hold everything together and look after little ones when you're feeling so unwell yourself. It's always such a blessing when someone is able to give you a hand on such days. How wonderful your husband could work from home and help you out a bit. Hope you are feeling better again soon x

  3. Thanks for the well wishes. On the mend, I think. xo


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