Do You See What I See?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

john lennon

liam fish

Come on...tell me you see the likeness.  Liam completed one of his first masterpieces in church the other day. Immediately I thought, "looks like John Lennon. Hmm. Cool."

my man sportin' the 'stache

I don't know if your hubs does this or not, but every time my man shaves he takes it off in stages - funny stages. It pretty much always ends up in a mustache that he rocks around the house for a few hours, but he never leaves the house with it, no matter how intense the dare on my end. I've even tried a triple dog dare, which you'd think would get him but no.  He finally did it and this baby is staying on until the Rangers lose. It'll make a triumphant return in November for the support of Movember.

bed head

This one stumps me every morning. How does that nest end up in one spot and the rest is so smooth? Anyone got any ideas?

my angel

It's probably a little cheesy and a bit of a stretch for those of you who don't know this little guy personally, but he is truly an angel. He has the sweetest heart and a desire to please. Love ooozes out of every pore of this sweet boy.

How about you? Have you made any uncanny observations lately? xo


  1. Your photos made me smile - especially the nest of hair :) Hope you're having a good week. How's the Etsy shop going? xx

  2. My friend's little girl had it and it was because she slept on her back or something like that and didn't roll over or if she did she didn't stay on her front for too long

  3. The mustache on Adam is hilarious! What is Movember? ;)

  4. Amanda - I'll email you details so we can catch up.

    Han - good to know it happens to others too! soo funny.

    Rachel - Movember is a the month of November dedicated to men's cancer awareness. Click on the word Movember in the body of the post and it'll take you to the website to learn more. xo


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