Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gotta give a big huge shout out to two amazing ladies and their unwavering support of my blog and etsy shop!

Thank you Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove!  You are an inspiration and so totally sweet. Hope I get to  meet you in person one day. If you haven't stopped by Kirsten's blog, please do so. She has such a refreshing take on home decor and design. I'm kind of coveting her new blue and green floral chair as well as the thrifted sailboat art! xo

Twelve "leg kicks" and "fist pumps" to my girlie Emily Loerke of Today's Letters. She makes me laugh sooo hard and her blog pretty much inspires me while kicking me in the pants to love my husband well. Girl, I love you more than open air thrift markets and free ice cream. xo

Wanna give a shout out of your own? Who are you grateful for right now? xo


  1. What a gorgeous idea!! Well i'll give a shout out to my handsome soldier, who is home from war but doing the school run as we speak so i can sew. He's even going to our eldest daughter's high school induction morning tea today (him with 200 new private school girls) so he gets extra credit from me!! Love my husband!! Love Posie

  2. I thought about highlighting you and your shop on my blog today too before I saw it on Simply Grove. I wanted to have it up earlier, but all my posts seem to take forever and a day since my computer is acting up on me when I try to save pics and load them up to the blog. Anyway, you did an awesome job and I love your little shop. I wanted to let you know that you have been in my google reader for quite sometime now and although I haven't always commented you deeply move me when you share your personal stories about God in your life and the little teaching lessons you give to your children. You are so hands on and creative when it comes to teaching them and you inspire me. Have a great weekend.

  3. grateful for my husband. Still not home at 6 am because he's doing a night shoot. He is so good to us.

  4. grateful for a daughter-in-law and daughter who think and engage in life and experience it deeply and differently than I - and who share that with me in a way that I, too, enjoy and embrace life more richly! Love bloggers that capture, consider and share things for readers like myself to enjoy and learn!


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