State Fair Food

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's fair time here in Texas. Everyone's talkin' about Big Tex, fried butter and football. I have to be honest and say, I'd rather eat brussel sprouts than eat all the fried and fattening food at the Texas State Fair. Greasy food and sodas make me feel like I have fur on my tongue. I know... random! 

Rather than feeling like the poor girl above, here's my version of State Fair "food." A feast for the eyes!

What's your favorite food at the fair? xo


  1. by far, funnel cake! with powdered sugar, and nothing else.

    stunning photo choices.

  2. Cute post! I'm a sucker for the ol' corn dog, myself. Oh, and gimme some of that fresh squeezed lemonade.

  3. Ladies - so glad you enjoyed this post. it was so much fun to do. so silly and pretty at the same time. If I had to choose something I'd eat at the fair, I might have to try a fried snickers. But my sister swears by fried chocolate bacon or something crazy like that. xo


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