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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Francis Chan

That guy above is Francis Chan. Not exactly what you conjure up in your mind when you think pastor huh? Well, that guy has radically changed my family. How we look at things. At life. A while back, maybe even as far back as 2008, he did a sermon while at Cornerstone Church about The Greatest Love of All. Do you remember that song? By Whitney Houston? At the end of the song she sings that the greatest love of all is "learning to love yourself." Really? I couldn't agree more with Mr. Chan that loving myself is not something I struggle to do. It just kind of happens. ALL the time. Donald Miller put it like this, "my radio station was permanently set to K-DON. All Don, all the time." 

It's the thinking of others that's hard. When I wake up I don't think, "I wonder what my husband would like to eat for breakfast today." Or, "I wonder what all the kiddos without shelter or food are doing right now." My typical thoughts are, "ugghh, if I could just sleep a little longer. I hope my sweet hubs has made coffee for me. Do I have any new pimples today?" You get where I'm going with this. My thoughts of self are consuming. So I'm gonna do a little doubling up on challenges this week. Friday's will come later, like Friday. But I wanted to let others know, so you can join me now if you'd like, that I will be thinking of others this week and praying for them.

I also saw this Starbucks cup here - Yup, it's a real Starbucks cup, that almost made me fall out of my chair. It's so fitting for this post.

Mr. Warren is right, "Focusing on yourself will never reveal your purpose."

Here are some links that might spark some thoughts for others:

Have a wonderful day changing your internal radio station from self to others. xo


  1. We love us some Francis Chan! Did y'all go see him last Friday?? It was fun to go see him after listening to so many of his sermons. He was challenging as usual. I'm ready to pack us up and join him if he decides to plant a church in the US.

  2. Thanks for this post. It definitely gets me thinking... ;)

  3. I also saw that starbucks cup and about fell out of my seat! Way to go starbucks!! And I LOVE this post:)

  4. Desi - WHAT? I missed a date with Francis? Crap! I'd follow that dude anywhere.

    Rach - you are very welcome. xo

    Kirsten - I KNOW! thanks for your support!

  5. This post definately caught my eye Brooke. Especially that Starbucks cup. I never read the back of the Starbucks cup, but I will definately pay attention from now on. I heard about Francis Chan from another blog and another friend is doing the Crazy Love series in a home group and has told me all about it. I'm very interested. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and little reminders about God here.

  6. THAT was on a Starbucks cup? Pretty cool! (Tho, I'm a local Alterra coffee girl, meself...) Lots of reminders - and all true. Nice posting!

  7. WOW! Good on Starbucks! Right now I am so proud to have worked with them. Love it!

  8. Wow, an amazing Starbucks cup! Great post Brooke - you always inspire me to better myself in some way when I read your blog x


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