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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maybe it's because my husband's keen eye is rubbing off on me, but lately I'm drawn to rooms with great photography of items that aren't necessarily the norm to having hanging on ones walls. Pics of furniture, people you don't know, cars and other novelties... they're all singing to me like the song of a siren, begging me to re-dress the walls of my home.

You see what I mean?  Therefore dear sweet husband of mine, I will need the following images framed and hung. ASAP! Why? Because they're either genius, beautiful or just make me laugh. 

If you're thinking," oooh, me too!" then you dear reader are in luck! Some of these images will be for sale in our esty shop very, very soon! (wink, wink) Until then, please continue the drool fest that began upon viewing this post! xo


  1. great roundup! I really need to frame more photos for our poor bare walls!

  2. Love your current obsession!!! xxoo

  3. Love all these--love them all grouped together, too (okay, but the man in shorts would be a laugh in the "loo" as you call it!)

    Oh, and with the "wooing"....not so great this week. I'm starting over this week and will check back in again next week!

  4. second picture from bottom--is that my soccer coach from 1978? =)

    p.s. i stayed in that first apartment featured. i thought the whole "looks like a family snap shot but it's really a stranger in that photograph" was pretty cool indeed.

  5. Alli - thanks so much. cover those walls - they're cold. xo

    Kirsten - thanks lady!

    Julie - hang in there on the wooing. At least you're trying. I'll check in next week to see how things are going. xo And yes - the loo would be a great place for that one. ha ha ha

    Stephanie - LOL!


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