Around the House: A Simple Dinner Party

Monday, October 11, 2010

Having friends over for dinner is one of my favorite things to do. I get so excited to host friends over yummy food while laughing and sharing life together. Recently I saw some pics on NieNie Dialogues that inspired me to host a dinner outside instead of my typical indoor dining room fare. Now, mine didn't come with special place-seating cards or anything fun like that, but it was fun to decorate outside and use some new Fall decor and garage sale finds.

My scaled down version included tree branch coasters and wedges from my Father-in-law, pumpkins, vintage Vera from garage sales, spiders and a free stamp that I got as a gift with purchase bonus. I soooo wish I had the old record player spinning some lovely jazz tunes in the backyard, but there's always something we long for, isn't there?

The best part... I spent $2.00 on the centerpiece! The "logs", tea tin, acorns and greenery were all free!

The end result was a very fun, intimate, relaxing dinner with friends packed with laughter and a few interruptions from the cutest 2 and 5 year old boys on the planet. How was your weekend? Did you spend it outside? With friends? xo


  1. I love the end result! And your tea tin is super cute with the greenery in it! :)

  2. looks like fun...I always want to host an evening outdoor dinner party but we are always fogged in over here in the SF bayarea!

  3. I love when I see bloggers take inspiration from others and do their own thing with it. Your table looks so creative and cozy. I would love to have dinner at your table and be interupted by cute 2 and 5 year old boys. Looks so fun Brooke.

  4. nicenicenNICE! me likey!

  5. Thanks you guys. It was so much fun. Just wish I could get my hands on NieNie's record player!

    Melissa - if you're ever in Dallas - you are welcome over any time for a meal! xo

  6. It looks fantastic Brooke - I wish I could sit down to a meal at your cute table and chat with you in person :)


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