Weekly Challenge: Be A Student of My Boys

Friday, October 8, 2010

By "student" I mean "study." Know them. Know what they like, their love languages, what recharges their batteries. Indulge in their God-given gifts and build them up. I'm doing my best to shepherd their hearts, in hopes that they will one day become the men they were created to be. Quite the task. And to be honest, I usually just let them play together while I do chores around the house. Not all the time, but you get the picture.  This week...

I took time out to play with them. On the floor. Play.

We took a late evening trip to the park on bikes.

Bubbles were blown.

A backyard picnic on a vintage quilt was had.

New tricks were observed on the slide in the backyard.

I had a Mommy/Son date with my youngest at the book store.

We read our new Bible every night as a family.

Here are a few things I learned about each boy and a few things I already knew...


He is a lover. My cuddle bunny.
The way he loves makes him unique - stand out - one of a kind.
His love language is quality time. The more time you spend with him, the closer he feels to you.
He is sensitive and looks after his brother because they are best friends and he's a great leader.

He doesn't like to color or do crafts. Sports are preferred. Always.
He likes to dress up and have his face painted - everyday.

His lashes are a mile long and he gives the best butterfly kisses because of it.
Jude is an early riser - always has been. (Also known as my little alarm clock.)
He has a style all his own. He's been known to wear 2 different socks whenever possible. 

He loves his brother, wants more siblings and would like 15 children when he has his own family.
He might be a sleepwalker - more late night walks into the kitchen for Cheerios with zero memory of it the next day will be the tell-tell sign.
He thinks he is good great at all sports.

He is very creative in his play. (Note the rainbow garages and cars that match.)

He can do about 25 different mad skill tricks on our slide. 
He just learned how to pump his legs and swing by himself.
And his latest hobby is taking pictures like his Daddy.


He's a total maniac and will do anything for a laugh.
His love language is laughter (I think. He's only 2 so this could change.)
His love for his "brudder" is bigger than the state of Texas.

He loves the outdoors and hates being hot. (The boy sweats like a glass of ice water.)
His skin is SUPER sensitive.
He adores bubbles and could blow them for hours.
He is a parrot of his brother.
He thinks he's 5.
The only time he cuddles is right when he wakes up.
He makes origami out of every band-aid ever put on his body. (They stay on his body for about 5 minutes - if that.)

He has a new fascination with horses. I think merry-go-round horses, but this week, his brother's back is doing the trick.

He will do anything for a laugh. (I think I might have my hands full with this guy down the road.)

And he wants to "go go" all the time!

It's been a joy to study my boys all week. Things have been put to the side in order to be a student of them, but it has been so rewarding and well worth it. Do you know what makes your kiddos tick? If you don't have kids, how about your friends? When's the last time you studied them? Have a wonderful weekend of research and development. I'm off to give guess who a band-aid. xo


  1. I've loved stumbling upon your blog, and being inspired by YOU. :) Going to snuggle and gaze deeper at my own two fellas right now!

  2. I LOVE this post!! With big kids in school--this is why I grieve the passing of summer so much. Less time. Less studying. BUT you've inspired me to shove the less important aside to invest fully in knowing these precious kiddos--crazy schedule and all! Can't wait for summer- I'm starting this week!

    Love to you and all of your boys-

  3. What a great idea - thank you!!!

  4. What a gorgeous post!! Your two boys are so adorable Brooke - I loved reading what you'd discovered about them and the photo of your little one in his goggled totally cracked me up :) My little Grace is definitely one who likes to make others laugh too - she is very free with kisses and cuddles which I am loving :) Have a wonderful week sweet xx

  5. Jessica - Thank you so much. how sweet of you.

    Amy - yay. miss you tons. don't we live in the same neighborhood and go to the same church? why do I never see you!?

    Rach - xo

    Amanda - thank you for your sweet kind words. Get you some extra kisses and cuddles in before they get given to boys only! xo


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