Weekly Challenge: Woo My Husband

Friday, October 1, 2010

"Let love be your highest goal..." 1Corinthians 14:1

When I saw the picture above, I knew what this week's challenge needed to be: Love my husband well. Date him. Woo him. Make him feel special. This isn't something I do every week, unfortunately. Life gets in the way; the busyness of two kiddos, being self-employed, etc. Each week this is highlighted through the ministry we serve in together on Wednesdays - ReEngage. It reminds me that I have to work at marriage everyday. When we first married, our marriage was at a 3 out of 10. I am happy to report that with much effort, love, mercy, grace and forgiveness... our marriage is at a pretty solid 8-9 most days. It was high time I made this known to my wonderful hubs. Here's how this week:

Say sweet things - building him up and encouraging him

Compliment him on his role as a Dad

Say "yes" even when I'm tired and start a love tin (thanks for the inspiration Em) - "So do not deprive each other of sexual relations..."1Corinthians 7:5

Give him time for himself - runs, quiet time in the morning, etc.

Bring him a bowl of M&Ms while he's watching a show

Take him his morning coffee with a smile and deliver with a kiss

Leave him a jar of his favorite candy with a sweet note on his desk

Ask him out on a date

Prepare his favorite Italian dish and have a bottle of wine, game and love nest ready for said date

How are you doing showing your loved ones how much they mean to you? Do you take the time to build them up and do little things for them? If you take just 5 minutes a day to do something special, I'm convinced that it will make all the difference in the world. Everyone wants to feel loved. Don't you? Have a delightful and loving weekend. xo


  1. This is SO lovely, to think you so openly express your love to your husband. I obviously am over the moon that my husband is home from war & am super affectionate with him, but we're ALWAYS that way. I think it's especially important to show your children too. Best thing a man can ever do for his children in love their mother!! We have 4 awesome children & small business too, we put each other first, i know, above the children, but the understand - they'll grow up & leave home eventually, we want to still be madly in love for 100 years!! Luckily we married young. Love Posie

  2. girl, this is speaking to me. This is my weekly challenge for next week. Will you be my accountability partner? I will email you next week to tell you what I did. I can do SO much better.

    Love this post, Julie

  3. inspiring...i read about a love box with a dollar over at a holy experience.

  4. love, love, LOVE this. expect an email from me tomorrow. xo.

  5. Thanks for the inspiration!! Count me in as a partner in this mission. Three cheers for spreading the love!

  6. Love it and Justin will love it as well! Thank you for the encouragement! Love you..Ashley

  7. I love it! Thank you for the great inspiration to love my hubby well! :)

  8. Another great post Brooke - I know what you mean about this part of your life being sometimes neglected with the 101 other things to think about when you're a mum and running a household but I too believe it's important - I think I need to accept this challenge in the coming weeks too and make that little extra effort to make my hubby feel special x

  9. Very sweet encouragement. Could you explain what a love tin is?

  10. For those of you wondering like sweet Marissa above - a love tin is a jar, box or tin that sits by your bed. Every time you and your hubs make love - you drop a dollar in the box - Just like Today's Letters mentions above. She is the genius behind the idea. xo


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