Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Market Totes

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not new on the radar by any means, but I thought since it's close to the holidays and many will be shopping, why not either use these bags to bring home your goodies or as the gift themselves!


lines by pawling (simple and adorable)

sparkle stripes w/ marker (for the gal who always forgets her list)


functional with pockets (great price, cute and functional)

toss and go (I keep this in my handbag all the time - love it!)

For the littles:

for the kids (ah-dorable!)

away to keep your little by your side
Most of these bags are from They have everything you need to keep your kitchen green. It's pretty awesome. Check it. Plastic baggies are used for trashcan liners and poopy diapers only around these parts. How about you? Have you jumped on the market tote bandwagon yet? xo


  1. My canvas bags always come along on shopping trips - I hate accumulating plastic bags and always feel better knowing I'm doing 'my little bit' by bringing my own bags with me :)

  2. Great idea - and it can be it's own gift wrap if it's presented with a few items in it. I'm thinkin' homemade bread/jam, items for a date night, or items for a personal pampering, or new family game.... Thanks!

  3. all over the tote bag train. i keep a stash in the car, in the kitchen and in my handbag.

  4. wahoo! a bag lady can definitely never have too many totes. i love the last one with the kids handle. what a great find! thanks so much for including our lines tote =)

  5. i've had the floral nylon one for years and love it. there's an even smaller version i keep in my purse (so convenient). great post :)


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