Guest Post: Yellow Songbird on Florals in the Home

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Do you know Kim of Yellow Songbird? She's the amazing girl on an incredible adventure with her husband who recently had the celebratory giveaway extravaganza! She is a delight to know and an inspiration as well. Today, she has graciously agreed to share her thoughts on  floral prints with Pure and Noble. Enjoy. xo

Well, hello! My name is Kim and I'm the face behind the blog Yellow Songbird & the shop Oh, Sweet Joy.  

I love the inspiration, encouragement & friendships that come from blogging...Brooke is one of those encouragers! We are actually planning a meet up in Dallas when I get back from overseas. Jealous? You can read more about that (the overseas part) and myself riiiiight here. Thanks, Brooke, for letting me take over your space for a day! Let's get to it. 

Let's face it. Floral print in the home can be gaudy & ugly. BUT, floral prints can also be gorgeous. Let's focus on the gorgeous today. :) Here are a few floral accents you can add to your home that are far from gaudy. 

This appliqued throw from Pier 1 would be a simple touch to add some color & fun to a chair or sofa. It's kind of funky, kind of chic & kind of bohemian, all in one. I kind of love it. 

Speaking of sofas & pillows, you can find a lot of tasteful floral pillow covers on Etsy, but I'm sure you knew that! Also, designer fabric makes it easy to bring in gorgeous prints that add accent, but not too much femininity that your hubby hates it. For instance, this Amy Butler throw pillow cover from Mary Litfinn's shop on Etsy is full of color & excitement. 

A simple outline of a flower on a solid pillow also packs a lot of punch as it makes your boring beige sofa pop with color. I need all the help I can get with my beige sofa. Can I get an amen? This lotus outline pillow ((also on etsy)) is pretty lovely, don't ya think? You can find more of this theme in this sweet shop!

Leave it to Anthropologie to perfect the use of floral print. Check out this Laelia quilt & bedding. Gorgeous!

Finally, vintage floral fabric framed in embroidery hoops is such a simple way of adding detail to a plain wall. I'm a fan of these, in particular. They were found in the shop, Whimsie Dots

Here is a photo of my embroidery hoop wall,  vintage fabrics mixed with designer fabrics. sigh. I love it. It's such an inexpensive way to display your favorite fabrics. 

That's it, people. :) 

Thanks again to Brooke for letting me share my finds with y'all! 

So tell us, how do you use floral prints in your home?


  1. I want that bed and the beautiful cover!!!
    I would just use the entire thing:)
    Beautiful florals!
    (wall hangings are pretty too!)

  2. What beautiful finds Kim!!!!!!
    I just adore that bedspread!! and those beautiful pillows!!
    But I must say, my favorite is those embroidery hoops!!!!! Sometimes I find the most beautiful fabric that I just want to buy SO much but then I remember that I can't sew or craft very well with fabrics and if I do buy it, it will just sit in my fabric bin not being beautiful and shown off like it should be. So I walk away and mourn the loss of a project/fabric that never will be!
    But NOT anymore!!!!!!! I LOOOOOVE this idea!!!
    Now I can show off the fabric in beautiful little hoops for the world to see!!!!
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
    much love,

  3. these are some fabulous finds kim~!!! i am loving all the fabrics, colors, and florals in this post!! but that scarf, with all those fun details has really captured my heart!!! :D

  4. Love the embroidery hoops! Such a cute idea... Thanks for sharing :]

  5. I love it all, but I especially love the throw pillows. And that bedspread...beautiful!!!


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