Weekly Challenge: Catch Up on Sewing

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday is finally here and I feel I must simply and humbly say that I am grateful for my husband, my boys and my friends. It's been kind of a rough week. So much so that I lost focus on a lot of things; the most important being the Lord. Fellow bloggers Nish, Hayley and Janice changed that for me without even knowing it. They did it through posts or emails talking about their own challenges. Sometimes you have to get your eyes off yourself in order to get perspective. Thanks ladies.

Sometimes I think when I sew. Sometimes my mind is blank. Either way, it's good for me. It feeds my soul. So, I took some time this week to catch up on my sewing. While doing so, I was able to collect my thoughts, work through a few things in my head and listen to some Ray Lamontagne and Jimmy Needham (my music taste varies, what can I say?). Isn't it amazing how God gives gifts that bless you in so many ways - who knew that sewing could accomplish so much? Thanks to my loving husband, I was able to sew a lot.

cut & stamp

sew, sew, sew
stack the product
sew some more (and some really bad photography)

There's more to be done and I'm grateful for that. Because it means more time to create. More time to think. More time to not think. More time with my boys by my side (hopefully soon teaching them to sew - just the 5 year old for now). And, more blessings. Difficult times are sure to come, but as my homegirlie reminded me this week, it's just a day or a week and it passes. It won't stay around forever. She's wise. And she also brought me a lovely bottle of wine which didn't hurt either! 

Did I mention it's Friday? IT'S FRIDAY and I gots me a hot date tonight. How about you? Do you have big plans for the weekend? xo


  1. yay for sewing & perspective :)

    love your music choices too...i met jimmy a few times at A&M and would always go watch his tiny shows at coffee station! look at him now...

  2. can you make me a computer bag? Like a computer purse--a fun & funky one? Email me if you have time. Julie

  3. i feel the same way about painting-calms the mind...soothes the soul. hope you week is getting better-



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