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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Today I have the honor of participating in Claudia Clobes' brainchild, Blog for Digs. Claudia has united tons of bloggers with Dwell with Dignity to raise awareness and funds as they "help families escape poverty and homelessness through design." Quite the worthy cause, I do believe. Yesterday, Pink Black Grey shared her childhood bedroom and today I get to do the same!

Let me set the mood: white walls, blue carpet and lots of kittens. Add the following items and you have one sweet girlie room. It was a lot like this but human size. And my wardrobe was nowhere near that cool. That's the one thing my room was missing.
French Provincial Furniture (which I'm pretty sure was standard in every girls' room in the 70's) I thought I was so cool dressing up with all my makeup (and lots of it) at this vanity. My aunts still swear I could put on makeup better than any of them back then. Perhaps I missed my calling.

Throw a little Holly Hobbie bedspread into the mix along with lots of ruffles.

Upon entering my bedroom you would always find my besties: My Friend Mandy and Ginny. These girls were my homies. Poor Mandy had dreadlocks I loved her so much! (Side note, my sweet Mother-in-law gave me both of these dolls when I married my hubs! I still have them.)

If you'd like to check out other bloggers' childhood bedrooms, go here for a schedule. What was your childhood bedroom like? Did you have a favorite item? xo


  1. I had completely forgotten about Mandy and Ginny! My best friend had both of them, and she also had their red-haired friend (was it Backy?). We used to wash their hair by the hour!

  2. I had a loved and adored holly hobbie bedspread in pink. Nobody here seems to remember who she was but she kept me girly and feminine for many years to come!

  3. I just read another story about this over on Lolalina's blog. I like what Dwell with Dignity is doing. I had that same french provincial furniture. I even moved out with it and still had the dresser and nightstand up until 1996, when I finally gave it to my neice.
    Cute dollies!

  4. My heart skipped a beat to see a photo of Mandy and Ginny! The best dolls a girl could ask for! And yes, my sister had Becky too. I still have all the clothes and patterns for all the ones our mom made. They were all we played with until American Girl took over! I can't wait to pass them on to my daughter. My Mandy's hair didn't fair too well either.


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