Around the House: Playing with Paint

Monday, January 31, 2011

One of the things I love most about home ownership is getting to do whatever I want with paint and flooring! A while back I mentioned we were thinking of putting Marmoleum in our kitchen. That project got put on hold for a while, but now I'm thinking of doing something fun and playful to the playroom floors - the hubs hates them and has wanted to update them since before we moved in. Here's what I'm thinking... a row of squares in different colors with points painted in the centers and a hopscotch board. Why not right? That's when I saw this...

I'm pretty sure I also need to paint some house rules in our needs a change.

yes, another chalkboard wall

I love that something as simple and affordable as paint can create so many endless possibilities. What's your next home project?


  1. brooke- the second and third pic are awesome! i especially love the green and the retro rocker.

  2. I have so many projects on my list I don't know where to begin. But one at the top of my list is to paint my bathroom. I tried black paint but it just didn't work in the room (no natural light, small space). Gray is next in line. :) Love the painted floors!

  3. I love the idea of making house rules and putting them on the wall. hmm gets me thinkin'

  4. Oh, my stars! You've now got me wondering all manner of things ... like where to post 'house rules' and how to create my version of that rustic looking floor with the large white medallions. LOVE it!!!


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