His & Hers: Travel Totes

Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Monday baby!  Time for a little His & Hers action. The hubs had a business trip last week so I packed up the boys and headed to Gramma's for one of the nights he was away. Something I do quite often - I just can't sleep well without him by my side.

Can you tell who goes for looks and who goes for practicality? I'll give him this though...his carries far more stuff. Are you playing along with Alli and me? We'd love to see your pics if so - Holla! xo


  1. That's like us, too! I LOVE your bag!!! Where did you ever find it?

  2. oh mercy - let me think...Newport I think - years ago! xo

  3. I love "His & Hers"!
    I would play along, but my boyfriend and I don't live together. But I'm SO looking forward to the day i can follow you guys on this!

    ♥Nicole from http://insidethemindofnicole.blogspot.com/


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