Bundle Up

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In honor of 49 of the 50 states having snow on the ground right now, I thought I'd share a little winter wear that I'm loving right now. Starting with crisp air to down-right frigid.

crisp never looked so good (toss the ciggy)

Are you warm yet? What's your favorite winter wear? xo


  1. I LOVE to wear the bright orange and yellow scarf that my mom made me for last winter. I enjoy wearing bright colors that hurt your eyes and I can be seen from miles away haha

    -KiM AKA MR. Gnome

  2. Oh these are so fashionable for me....I'm in a parka;)))
    I REALLY would like that second outfit!!!!!

  3. I love my tall leather boots. They make any outfit just a little sharper. That dress with the taupe scarf is adorable...

  4. I'm keeping warm as it's the heat of summer over here on the other side of the world! But in winter my favourite way to accessories is scarves, I have so many I need 2 hat racks ... Different colours, lengths, fabric, wool, sparkles you name it I'm wearing it

  5. oooh...chilly chill and colder are right up my alley!!



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