Weekly Challenge: Focus On Truth

Friday, January 14, 2011

Do you ever hear them?  The little whispers. The ones that tell you your butt does NOT look good in any jeans, you can't do this or that, sleep just 15 more minutes instead of getting up to take time for yourself, blah blah blah. I hate those whispers. This week, I focused on the TRUTH!

Jeans - Realistically, the answer is some of them may, but not all of them. My rump, your rump, all rumps were created perfectly by God for a purpose other than being gawked at or being a measuring stick of our beauty or anything else for that matter.

Beauty - It's only skin deep and it's in the eye of the beholder. Each of us is beautiful, all in our own unique ways inside and out.

Now I'm gonna get a little more personal with the lies I hear and some you may as well.

Lie: You will not be successful with your blog or etsy shop.
Truth: Define success? As long as what I do fulfills me and honors God that is success.

Lie: It's official. He's potty trained.
Truth: Pride comes before the fall. He's had 4 poopie accidents and countless tee tee accidents. Back to hourly bathroom breaks.

Lie: Fear means you lack faith.
Truth: "Sometimes faith is the absence of fear. Other times, faith may be choosing to believe God even when your heart is melting with fear." Beth Moore

Lie: I'm the only woman whose bum has more dimples than a golf ball.
Truth: It's hereditary and many combat this problem. Fughetta bout it. Besides, no one's looking at my bum but the hubs, and he loves it.

Lie: I'm a bad Mom.
Truth: My past does NOT define me. I have been forgiven and set free. My kids love me and I am the best Mom for them.

What are some of the lies that you hear? Will you make every effort to combat them with truth for one week (just for starters)? " Life is too short, even in these longest of days." John Cougar Mellancamp

It's the weekend friends - Go have fun and grab onto some truth! xo


  1. Lie: I want change to be simple, instinctual, easy.
    Truth: We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. Part submission, part hard work.

  2. lie: you will never be good enough- your weight, your hair, your clothes
    truth: god created me the way i am and it's the beauty within that is important not the exterior

    as a designer- always wanting everything to look perfect and be perfect i often find myself 'designing' a better version of me- i set these impossible standards for myself yet i love and accept everyone else around me- i see and celebrate their truth/beauty but daily i struggle to find mine

    thanks for this truthful post brooke! you rock!!!!!

  3. Does this post have a "like" button! ;)

  4. Everytime I come to your blog, I smile. Thank you for reminding us about God's truth and how much He loves us. In my mind, this is a VERY successful blog!!!

  5. Love this post, Brooke. And thank you for being so honest. LOVE that Mellancamp lyric.

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