Snow and Winter Whites

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow. Again. In Texas? Whaaat? I'm loving it so much; the kids are too. You know it's love when you get all of 1.5 inches and your kiddos are having "snowball" fights. Honestly it was more like iceball fights, but they didn't care in the least. All this wintery goodness has me dreaming of winter whites and coffee. (You didn't see that one coming did ya? I know...I can be predictable.)

kitchen nook (from my new fave blog)

Now for a little peek at our own winter wonderland and "coffee talk." My youngest and I shared a little coffee and "warm coco" over a few goods books yesterday. Warning: some images are blurry - sorry, I couldn't resist sharing them.

What do you love doing on a cold wintery day? xo


  1. We got a few inches of snow here in North Carolina too, but today it is all covered by a sheet of ice. My boys love it though. They don't care that it's cold and icy and nasty out. I'm a coffee lover too, and I would much rather be curled up inside with my coffee and just watch the snow fall.
    The pictures you took of your little one are ADORABLE!

  2. So adorable! We happen to live in East Texas-- and just moved here from Indiana in May. Our two little ones were beyond thrilled to enjoy the snowy goodness. ;)

  3. we have lots of snow here! I'll send some your way :)

    looks like you have the perfect coffee buddy there, how cute!

  4. thank you! very happy and honored to be your new fave blog! :)

    love your blog too and happily following you now.

    p.s. there's new giveaway contest happening on Miles Of Style, if you'd like to come n check it out.


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