His & Hers: Coffee Cups

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's no secret. The hubs and I have a love affair with coffee.

Background info on the cups above...

His: The hubs and I became one in 2003. We were married in Des Moines, Iowa and the World's Pork Fair was going on at the same time! Romantic, right?

Hers: A dear friend gave the hubs and I Christmas coffee cups from Starbucks one year. Ever since it has been my favorite cup to drink from. I love the colors and the size - it holds LARGE amounts of coffee. Yum!

Do you have a favorite coffee cup? Are you playing along with me and Alli? Let us hear from you - we love knowing who you are and getting snippets into your world as well! Happy Valentine's lovers! xo


  1. Hehe, that's funny.. I've been thinking that I was the only one with a cup addiction. I can't seem to change the one I drink coffee to and when I serve my boyfriend I keep choosing the same one long time now. I guess it mostly has to do with the size (coffee addict as well..)
    Happy Valentine's Brooke!
    ps: I LOVE the heart spoons! So cute!!

  2. At work I have a 'what happens in my office stays in my office' cup which is a bit cheeky. At home I have an antique espresso cup which is how I start my working day my gorgeous man wakes me with a short black each morning. Hope you had a romantic V Day :)

  3. I usually use a great to-go mug that keeps my coffee hot on my 45 min. commute. But I often think about how much better coffee tastes on the weekends when I get to enjoy it in a ceramic mug. My favorite one is brown from Starbucks with the silhouette of a bear on it (my maiden name was Bare) and I love when people still give me bear stuff!


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