The Long and Short of It

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To grow out long or to chop short... that is the question. Which camp are you in? xo


  1. I say grow it out... only because that's what I am trying to do. I long for those braids...

  2. Brooke, I so enjoy reading your blog!! I'm friends with Emily McKeaigg and Veronica Netzer (through whom I found your blog)! ;o) and I have two little boys and I'm a graphic designer so I can really relate to much of what you write about.

    Hope we can meet in person one day. Maybe I'll run into you around Watermark perhaps. Love that photo of Keri Russell, I used it on my own blog this week! Have a great day.

  3. I recently went through this ordeal. I call it an ordeal because, well it has been a long painstaking journey to grow my hair back out LONG! I went short and loved it...for about 2 weeks. My hair is too thick and curly to be short so back to the long hair I go. I even have a wonderful stylist (the one who cut my hair short in the first place) who told me, you need to grow your hair back out, now. So it all depends on your hair but I'm in the long camp.

  4. i am always having that battle. and during it, i always forget that it ends the same way.
    my hair gets long-ish (to my armpits). I get bored and hack it all off. (last time was spur of the moment while on a trip with my BFF to Boston... we saw a cute picture of Drew Barrymore and CHOP). I love it for a month. Then i hate it. i vow i will never cut it again. It gets cute mid-lengths, but i am not content until it is to my armpits again. That starts the cycle over. I finally broke it though. It is now about 2 inches below my armpit and i love it.

    It also helps that i found a new way to style it. Instead of side part with long swoop bangs, i did center part with long face framing bangs. LOVE

  5. ugh. this is so where i am at. i have never had my hair long...past my chin. i used to have the halle berry short do and i have been growing that out since we moved here. i am in that in between phase right now and i sooooo want to chop it. but i so long for those beautiful braids. awesome pics you found. i am striving towards the fourth picture down. grrrr why can't i think of that gal's name to save my life right now.

    as for you...i love it the length it is. remind me to show you some "new" dos that are popular tomorrow night. my friend that is a stylist showed me the pics from a show she went to in NYC

    miss you!

  6. such a tough call! I definitely don't regret cutting my long hair off, mostly because mine never looked as pretty as I would have liked- it spent most its time in a bun or pny.

    I love the Keri Russell 'do-- if only I had hair like hers to make that work for me!

  7. i am RIGHT NOW about to get a impulse haircut...i hope it's not a mistake, those braids are mighty nice...

  8. I'm constantly switching camps!! I had insanely long hair and cut it very short just like that :) Now it's been growing and I can't make up my mind if I want it short or long again :)


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