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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I so desire to have a LOVE party this month with a few of my good friends. But with all this sickness...don't know if it will come to fruition. I, however, believe that a LOVE party can be held any day or month of the year. Right? My very favorite thing to do every February is to eat my weight in cheap boxed chocolates. I love poking holes in the bottoms of them and seeing what they're filled with before dropping them into my pie-hole!

How will you be celebrating Valentine's this year?


  1. LOVE party sounds fun! if you need a co-host i'm game. i've been craving some human interaction myself with this 'house arrest' weather:)

    the chocolate sneak peak idea is genius- taylor gets mad at me because he says i ruin them. i just break all of them in half until i find the chocolate carmel and peanuts one:)

  2. love the LOVE party idea. too cute. hope you and your cute ones all feel better soon!

    i've been under the weather too. my cure was throat coat tea with honey. so good.


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