Weekly Challenge: Weather the Storms

Friday, February 4, 2011

What do you do when you're iced in and you have 1.5 sick kids? Do all that you can to keep your sanity!

Movies, Movies, Movies

Chicken Noodle Soup

Fluids & Meds


Movies, Movies, Movies (did I say that already?)

Heart craft - THANK YOU Artful Parent


Cars (the object of the game - vroom cars from one end of the room into the box)

Steam Baths

Redecorate (this was for me...serenity now!)

(just a little blurry peek; more on this monday.)
Take temps 100+ times.

Family walk around the block. (Kids were bundled up a la Ralphie's little brother in Christmas Story.)
More movies and some books! (I started reading Where the Red Fern Grows to my oldest.)

Discover my oldest has Pneumonia. We have antibiotics flowing through the blood stream now - we are on our way to full recovery!
How was your week amid the Snowpocolyps? I don't know about you...but I'm ready for Spring. xo


  1. Awww, looks like our house when sickness has ensued. The last time my kids were sick, my little boy said, "Mommy, I used to think watching movies was fun, but I'm tired of it." So sad. Feel better!

  2. oh little buddies.
    oh mama stay sane.

  3. we have croup and a recoring mama in this house. I was feeling so guilty about all the movies/tv. Feel so much better now that I read your blog. We all do what we can.

  4. Hope you're all on the mend soon love xx

  5. i gave you a mini shout out today.

  6. And of course lots of cuddles and rest. Hope your little ones feel better soon x

  7. Looks like you had a blast for being. . .literally. . .under the weather! We are still digging out too!



  8. You have just the cutest kids...so sorry they've been sick but glad to hear (in the above post) that they're feeling better. Your couch looks like a COZY spot!


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