Weekly Challenge: This IS War!

Friday, February 25, 2011

I was back on the front lines this week. My oldest is sick again and I'm fighting with all I've got! Here's a look at my arsenal. (PS - kids need time to fully recover. I didn't give this little all that he needed and his germies came back with gusto - hello double ear infection.)

Forts: If you're gonna lay around all day, it might as well be somewhere really cool.
(his wingman gets in on the action too!)

Sillies: Gramma came on Monday to provide some much needed change of scenery. She brought a lot of fun toys and sillies to keep smiles going and interests peaked. 

Books: We went to the library and got TONS of books and movies. We're rotating between the two and throwing coloring in the mix every now and then.

Care Packages: Our dear friends dropped off some goodies for the boys and the parentals!  They know us oh too well.
 (Half the chocolate treats are missing from our package because they were devoured upon receipt. I need energy for my battles!)

Meds: It's a necessary part of our combat. I  hate pumping this stuff in them, but I gotta kick some serious germ-butt! I'm also doing some bubble baths, Vick's Vapo-rub, and cool compresses.

Grown-up Meds: We so needed some down time with just the two of us. An ice-cold beer, glass of wine and pillow-talk did the trick. We also laughed a lot and that helped loads.

My sweet Mom came and stayed the night while the hubs was working out of town. She also took my youngest to her house for the day. He's ready to play and TV just isn't doing the trick for all those ants in his pants. Thanks Mom for being a part of my combat unit!

Lastly, the Lord and His word have been my rock and Commander in Chief! He is lifting me up and giving me much needed strength! Hoo-Ha! 

How are you fighting the good fight this week? xo

Come on weekend - no freakin' whammies!


  1. such a rock star mom! loved that you made the fort!!! praying for yall!

  2. Proud of you for handling this CRAZY week with such grace. I think the Grown-Up Meds is a GOOD call! Much love. KS

  3. Yep...love the grown-up meds. And that cute fort would make ME feel better...adorable.
    What great friends and family you have!
    Hope your weekend goes well!!!!!

  4. Wow what a crazy week, when it rains it pours, I do hope he feels better, my goodness... but that is an amazing tent!

    -Much Love, Kim and Mr. Gnome

  5. Amazing that you built a fort for your sick son! You are an amazing mom!


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