The Force.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It is strong it is.

And I welcome it whole-heartedly. It's so much better than Bakugan! Thank you Lego for making all things Star Wars and for the welcomed take-over in our home.

What's the toy de jour in your home? xo


  1. We love Lego, too! I find them everywhere...Just saw this diy lego man craft this morning. So cute.

  2. LEGO! YAY! OUR favorite....that and marbles. Marbles rolling around everywhere. It's hard to get angry when one gets loose and you step on it he wrong way. I love them playing with "good toys" I hold my tongue;)

  3. My husband spotted that first picture over my shoulder and laughed out loud. Love it! My daughters are too little for Legos yet, but there will be Legos in our future.

  4. starwars legoes have taken over my home to the point that vacation time means a trip to the lego store and a 20 min discussion about bobafett!

  5. star wars legos, star wars guys, you name it, my son loves everything about luke, darth, and obi one. first time on your's great and i'm now following..

  6. Oh my gosh. I LOVE Star Wars. This is totally hilarious!


  7. Yea, girl! We're a star wars lego family too! Caroline at 5 knew more about star wars than most 12 year old much so she had an awesome star wars birthday party! Love it!


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