Get Your Game On!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who said that balloons have to float up? 

My boys and I discovered that when they dangle, they provide just as much fun. From blowing up the balloons and watching them fly around the room to creating a colorful punching bag, this easy afternoon "game" provided lots of laughs.

Around these parts, we often find ourselves in a mid-day slump. Come on. Be honest. The hours between 3pm and 5pm sometimes feel like a full day in and of themselves. Pulling out craft supplies for some silly games can truly save the day and my sanity! Grab two straws, two pom-poms and two popsicle sticks... BOOM! you're off to the races.

If your kids are anything like my kiddos, be prepared to wipe up little spit puddles from those straws. For some reason air and spit exit the straw at the same time when you're under the age of six. xo
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