Going Nutty

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It was love at first sight. The mixture of metals and textures are so stunning. I LOVE contrast and there is none better than hardware and diamondesque chunks! Over the weekend I tried my hand at making the little DIY bracelet above. Let me just tell ya, it looks easy; but as we all know... looks can be deceiving.

*wrap tape around the ends of each cotton twine strand.
*once you've braided the first section, load your hex nuts on the strands, this helped me keep the braid tight without having to grab and strand a new bolt each time.

The directions also say to leave a long end for wrapping the strings several times around your wrist. I cut mine shorter and put a nut at the end of each side. It keeps the knot tied too.  I love it and have already gotten a few compliments with only one wear!  Give it a go! xo
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