Harper Gets Her Pinwheel Mobile

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I recently went down to my favorite Texas city, Austin, to get some baby lovin' and help my oldest and dearest friend decorate her sweet girl's room. Seeing as my house is overrun by boys, I was delighted to help and immerse myself all things girlie. So fun.

I found this little Christening gown in an old piece of salvaged furniture. So sweet.
I got baby snuggles, changed diapers, built shelving, and had a delish tex-i-tini with my homegirl. I got spit up on a ton and had to change one serious blowout, but who's counting?

Remember that mobile I told you I was making and that I'd show you how?  Well, it was for this sweet room. Harper's mommy's favorite color is cream. So I made the mobile as natural as possible while still trying to create something that would capture Harper's attention while laying in her crib. I think it turned out perfect.
Using my new Paper and Craft book and the trusty tutorial from my friend Kim at Yellow Songbird, I completed 5 pinwheels in no time flat.
my squares are 5"x5"
1" wide muslin fabric strips to wrap around my embroidery hoop
here's Harper's view. I have never understood why manufactured mobiles cater to those outside the crib.
The entire project was so easy and fun to make.  Give it a go. xo

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