Tuesday, April 26, 2011

 Most of you know, if you've been hanging around this little blog of mine for any length of time, I HATE cooking. Not just cooking, baking too. All of it. I do, however, love to eat! So when I found this simple little dessert on the back of the graham cracker box I was super stoked.

Chocolate-Banana Graham Cake! It kind of tastes like banana pudding and it might even be better.
chocolate pudding
cool Whip
graham crackers

Funny thing, I didn't even have any box pudding so I took the boys single pudding snacks and used those. I simply layered my pan with the graham crackers then pudding, then banana slices then cool whip. After doing this three times, I added graham cracker sprinkles to the top and chilled. DELISH! xo
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