Mommy Style... Say What?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

There's something about being a work at home Mommy when it comes to fashion that prevents me from rockin' some of my favorite looks.  I just can't see myself at the park, library, Arbo, grocery store or zoo wearing any of the following.

almost there - but, short shorts and high heels? nope
this I could rock - but hello cellulite legs (no thanks)
this I'm feelin' fo' sho!
oh, yeah! c'est chic!

I'm officially convinced that the easiest way to tell if a lovely lady is a work at home Mommy is by her bracelets, shoes and skirt/short length. Done. There. I've said it. Uggghhh, that felt good. (Yes, I am a little jealous at times.) I long for opportunities to wear all of this fun stuff - date nights, girls' night out and church. Since church is my most frequent "event" (I'm there all the time.), I really do wish our dress code wasn't so laid back. Hmmm, wait a I don't. It's refreshing. And I honestly don't feel out of place if I'm the only one wearing heels and loads of bracelets with my dressy dress at the 5:30 service. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do - right? xo
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