Around the House: Presto Chango (and a side of Rice and Beans)

Monday, May 2, 2011

I like change. Not big change. Little change. Like changing vignettes around the house using what I have on hand. It's silly, I know; but it brings me little bursts of delight. Last week I scored a little light at this resale shop next to the post office. It's so sweet and has a simple little on/off switch at the base that makes it much easier to turn my reading light off before I crash-out each night. The one below had slipped off and hit me in the head one too many times.
a blurry before shot
Here's the down-side. This sweet little creamy addition does not put off the dreamy light that the old one did. Bummer. I may have to do yet another little switch-a-roo.
the after shot

In other news, my littles actually played "kitchen" for the first time in ages. Of course it started with, "where's all that plastic fruit and veggies we used to have?" To which I responded, "Oh I sold that in the garage sale months ago." Hello...they never played with it. Isn't that always the way? Thank goodness for vintage melmac and rice and beans.

I was served several helpings of delish rice and beans and then this happened.
When I asked my youngest what we should do, he replied, "We'll just have to walk over it." Priceless. Needless to say, "cooking" stopped and cleaning began. I love my handi-vac!

Hope you have a dreamy Monday filled with light, laughter, love and lots of snoozing (tonight - not now). Go back to work already! tee hee hee. Honestly, I'm so glad you've chosen to spend 5 minutes of your Monday with me. Thank you. xo
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