Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If you're local and looking for something fun to do - why not hop the train and check out Downtown Plano. I know...sounds a little lame a first. Downtown Plano? But yes, seriously...give it a try!

Oh my gosh - Georgia's Farmers Market is everything I wish Dallas Farmers Market was - easy to shop, friendly, guaranteed farm fresh and convenient.

We stopped for lunch at Urban Crust. Yummers! The best part - our waitress gave the boys their own dough to play with while we waited for our lunch. She said they'd even cook it for the boys if we wanted. What? Really?  Awesome sauce. Waaaaayyy better than your run of the mill crayons and paper.

The park right off the rails is super cool and age appropriate with 2 play-scapes: one for little littles and another for older littles. There's also lots of room for quilt/blanket picnics. Why not stop at the Farmer's Market for fresh fruit and drinks to take parkside? We are totally doing that next time.

We also checked out Eisenberg's Skate Park, but we had so much fun watching the kids skate and talking to everyone that I forgot to take photos. This was Jude's favorite part by far. When we got home he hopped on his skateboard and scooter to start practicing his "tricks." What a great family day-trip. We had a blast! I honestly felt like I was out of town. Ah-mazing! xo
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