Size Matters

Thursday, May 26, 2011

...when it comes to coffee cups!

Vintage coffee cups are so pretty to look at, but when it comes to coffee...I need a JUMBO size cup. Those teeny little lovelies from the 50's and 60's just won't cut it, unless I want to got back for 2 or 3 refills. No thanks. So what does one do with all that vintage goodness in this coffee version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?
 JUMBO (with a side of dainty berries)

I have a few ideas for my teensy weensy collections...
ice cream (the handle helps you tip it to get every last bit of delicious cream!)

berries (with or without yogurt and granola)


Sometimes necessity is the Mother of all inventions. I had to work on some projects yesterday and wanted to give the littles something to do indoors. My youngest was already playing with the clothespins... why not add beans/rice, teeny coffee cups and a timer?  Instant fun filled game with lots of giggles. Whoever fills their cup the most in 5 minutes, using only the clothespins, is the winner!


Ahhh, the teeny coffee cup has been saved. Oh yeah, they also work great for centerpieces with flowers and tealights. I'll keep my jumbo cups for my morning cup of sanity. xo
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