Weekly Challenge: All In

Friday, May 27, 2011

Week one we went "all in" and began our summer "list" I shared with you Monday. So far we have 50+ activities on "the list" and we've managed to check off 3 this week. I better slow this train down or I may have nothing left come August.

Painting - not just any painting, but painting with bouncy balls instead of brushes. We put a piece of paper into a lasagna tin, dipped our bouncy balls in paint and then dropped it in the tin. When you pick up the tin and move it all around, the ball creates really fun patterns.

Lava Lamps - this amazing science project was a total hit with my boys! They keep asking to do it again and again! I guess when it's somewhat explosive it speaks to the hearts of boys. Love it. And, I've got to admit, this was really cool. Brilliant idea!

Water Guns - If it's above 80 degrees my guys think it's time to get wet. Water, giggles and exhaustion - what a great trio!

Spray Paint - One napping. One eager to spray paint. Bring on the fun! Can't wait to show you guys the finished goods. Got the idea here. (My oldest loves to spray paint his scooter. Orange, blue, whatever suits his mood.)

Feed the Ducks & a Little Basketball - Who knew a row of crackers, a blanket, and a basketball could make for such a fun day!?
the ducks will be a repeat early next week. these lilypads are about to bust into full bloom - I can't miss that!
Drums - Uh-huh...we know how to get a party kickin'... drums.
(sick - the bottoms of my pans are disgusting. sorry you had to see the underbelly.)

Week One of Summer = total BLAST. Ha - take that rain, hail, tornados and sickness! We can't be stopped! We're off to Austin for more fun. Have yourself a rockin' weekend! xo
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