Weekly Challenge: The Basics

Friday, May 6, 2011

This morning I was awakened by the alarm on my phone. My two littles ran from their room, down the hall, and jumped into my big king sized bed. After several cuddles, kisses and giggles they peeled off one at a time to watch Electric Company before breakfast. I used the restroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth. The next tasks were coffee making, waffles with yogurt and lunch for my oldest to take to school.  Why did I give you this silly little run-down of an ever so basic morning? Because this week I have been keenly aware of the basic necessities that God has abundantly blessed me with and I often take for granted.

Last weekend the hubs and I watched a couple of movies that really stirred my heart:

Waste Land - Artist Vik Muniz works with the pickers of Jardim Gramacho to create their own portraits out of the materials they pick from the city dump. Breathtaking, sad and visually stimulating...the stories of these people touched my heart and opened my eyes to my many daily blessings - especially my home.

Mugabe and the White African - The reverse discrimination against the white farmers of South Africa is shocking. This amazingly strong family of believers fight for their land and their community in the face of violence and extreme brutality. My heart ached as this family fought for basic freedoms that I enjoy daily.

In addition to these movies, I'm currently reading Radical by David Platt and following this woman's journey of faithfulness. As I become more and more aware of the world around me, how can I not be overcome with thankfulness and joy in regards to my everyday - expected (yuck) - comforts? I have found myself in prayer more this week than ever. I have praised Him for my dailies:

food - everywhere I turn
water - clean and at the ready
plumbing - oh I am so grateful for my waste removal system
electricity - at the flip of a switch and even wind generated
shelter - nice shelter that I often think isn't good enough (again - yuck)
mobility - 2 cars and a bike along with their own house to protect them (garage)

Thank you Lord for opening my eyes and my heart.  Have a lovely weekend filled with praise and awareness of your "basics". xo
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