New to Me

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Every time I hop on the computer to get inspired or just browse blogland, I am amazed by the number of blogs out there. It's a little shocking and a bit overwhelming at times. Here are just a few new blogs that I have stumbled upon that I think are pretty awesome.

Fashion/Style: Both these gals are guilty of being super cool chics that are obviously not stay-at-home Mommies. I say this by judging their wardrobes, heel heights and amount of accessories. They both make me drool at their amazing skillz of layering and accessorizing. Wowee zowie.
Letters: Oh my oh my. I adore this blog so very much. Such a breath of fresh air and extremely well done. Love.

Random Bits of Inspiration out the Yang:

There you have it.  Now inspired. xo
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