Weekly Challenge: Get My Groove Back

Friday, May 13, 2011

"Find a groove that works for ya and get that lap back."  - Doc, from Cars the movie.

That is my challenge for this week. Can you tell I'm the mother of two boys? Well, being the mother of two sweet boys can send this Mommy into a tail-spin and I loose all sense of priorities. There are a few things that seem to always get in the way: selfishness (mine, not theirs), distractions/time sucks, and ironically, loss of self. I know, it's strange that I could have both selfishness and loss of self. Perhaps I should call my selfishness - entitlement instead.

My entitlement looks a little something like this on any given day...

"I deserve to sleep in, my night was rough!" - I inevitably spend half my morning mad at myself for not getting up before my littles. I also end up not getting "dressed" for the day and just throwing something on, no shower, no make-up. This does nothing for my self-esteem or my love life. If I don't think I look good/feel good about myself, I don't pursue the hubs.

*Day to day activities and whatever bombs may get dropped - like last minute trips to the doctor, etc.
*Surfing the internet. Luckily my time in front of the TV is extremely minimal, but isn't the computer just the TV of the 21st century?

Loss of Self...
*Not putting my needs (for the good of our family) first - time in His word, working out, etc. Basically not taking care of my physical and mental well being, which I believe is crucial to good parenting.
So this week and next, I'm working on finding a groove that works for ME. I need that lap back and so does my family.  I am committing to:

*exercise - Lord, help me! I'm going to be realistic here too though and count kicking the soccer ball and chasing butterflies as exercise too.

*waking up before the littles wake me up. (You might remember, I posted a challenge about this before. Hey, I'm human; some challenges stick and others, well, they need to be revisited.)

*get in His word - meditating daily, even if that means curling up with the good book at night with a nice glass of wine. I just want to be with Him and stop beating myself up if it's not first thing in the morning like most folks.

*roll with the ebbs and flows of life - keep our schedules open and flexible to allow for change.

Have a groovin' weekend! xo
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