His & Hers: Summer Gear

Monday, June 27, 2011

It's HOT in Texas. When temps reach 100 almost everyday, there are only a few ways to cool down... movies, pool/lake, shopping. This past week, we swam four of the seven days. My fingers are still pruned. (Not really, but you get the picture.) Here's a look at our summer heat survival "gear."


Today, Alli shared a His & Hers look at ice cream faves; another delightful way to beat the heat. Go take a look. Their road trip stop is adorable! xo

His & Hers series is a weekly little diddy that Alli, of Hooray, and I started for fun to give you guys a glimpse into our worlds - two images at a time. Two pics, two perspectives, no rules. Play along with us! xo
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