Tie Dye FLOP

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When Target has Kool-Aid on sale for 13 cents a package, you know I'm gonna try my hand at a little super smell good tie-dye. Using this "recipe", I was fired up for some groovy tees and an afternoon of fun. The afternoon of fun was had for sure, but none and I mean NONE of the color stayed. Uggghhh...I promise I can follow directions. Really I can!  I have zero idea where I went wrong with this one.

The absolute best part of this little adventure was the smell and Liam snapping photos with his Dad's old camera. The worst part? Twisting the boys' arms to actually do it with me, red hands (wear gloves, fo' real!), all the color washing out.


NOT awesome!

Seriously. I'm clueless. I left these bad boys out in the hot Texas sun for 3 hours, dried them on the hottest setting in my dryer for 20 minutes, didn't wash them for 24 hours and ironed them. What the what? Next up...RIT Dye. Tried and true. xo

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