Playing with Fire

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When it's 100+ degrees outside and you're dying for some quick/fun entertainment...why not build a fort and roast marshmallows - INDOORS? 
Here's what you'll need:
construction paper
camping supplies (binoculars, sleeping bags and flashlights)
fort making supplies (couch, kitchen chairs, sheets/blankets)
baking pan

Take 1 or 2 sheets of black construction paper and cut into four sections.
Crumple up for "coal" - my guys loved this... "What are we doing?" They kept asking. (I like to keep them in suspense!) 

Cut and tape your "flames" out red, orange and yellow construction paper. (PS - I am aware that my fire looks more like a lotus flower, but whatever... the boys loved it.)

Take flames, "coal", rocks and pan. Build fire!

We ate our weight in marshmallows and made animal sounds while eating them. I kept looking through the binoculars and saying, "Did you hear that? It was a wolf, eagle, snake, owl, etc.! What sound does a wolf... make?" My youngest kept picking up his binoculars and saying, "Where Mommy? Where?" LOVE IT!

We then got into our tent/fort and read the Berenstain Bears: Spooky Old Tree with flashlights and headlight beaming.

It was so much fun. We will do this again for sure. xo
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