Around the House: Entry Table

Monday, June 20, 2011

I scored this humble little ditty over two years ago with the goal of painting it. I paid all of $12.00 for her, so I didn't mind the rough edges. But none the less, there she sat, in my entryway, longing for new life.  I'm pretty sure my husband thought I'd never paint her. Better yet, I'm pretty sure he saw her the week I brought her home and then never paid her a second thought. (We enter our home through the back door and my husband mostly pays attention to detail at work only.)

Here's a look at her now with a fresh new coat of ebony paint and accessories!

she's got a nice shape, I do believe
vintage books scored at a garage sale for $4.00
 rocks from the beach in San Diego
 brass candleholders from the thrift store - i love brass and black
my beloved new mason jars with flowers from neighbor Stan's garden

I kind of wish I did more front door entries! For now, I'll just sit on the edge of the couch and gaze into the entryway - with a big smile. Happy Monday. xo
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