Weekly Challenge: Survive Without My Man

Friday, June 17, 2011

When he's on the road and not right by my side, I can't sleep. It's not that we cuddle or spoon every night - I just like to know he's there. He makes me feel safe. So when he travels, I do my best to stay busy and catch up on reading all of your blogs at night. And I now have blogger bleedies - the reddest eyes in town due to looking at my computer screen for too long.

This week I:

*Didn't cook. If he's not here, we're having hotdogs and pizza.

*Made as many playdates as I could. Thank you Gramma, Ma, Rachel and Cricket.

*Had my Mom over for dinner and a sleep-over.

*Caught up on laundry. (Why do I feel like I'm always doing that?)

*Ran the dishwasher once, as opposed to everyday.

*Spent quality time with my littles. (I have some fun activities to share next week.)

This is the point, if I allowed comments, where I'd ask you - how do you pass the time when your hubs is away? Ugh, this no comment thing is a love/hate relationship. But it has done my heart well, I must admit.

XOXO to each of my lovely readers. You guys are better than peanut butter and chocolate. And that's saying a LOT! Happy Weekend. xo

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