Thursday, July 7, 2011

Every first tuesday (summer months), the Dallas Museum of Art opens its doors to kiddos - for FREE! And while I am ashamed to admit it, this week was our first time. Eeek!  I know!  I love all things creative; how could I not expose them to this? Easy answer - they show zero interest in art or anything crafty. In fact, I got two turned up noses when I told them we were going to the museum. Here's where the mommy gets the last laugh... they LOVED it. We are now getting memberships. Watch out DMA - here we come - sketch books in hand!

I have got to figure out how I can make some of these foamy magnetic shapes. The boys played here the longest. So many possibilities for them to explore.

Not only did we leave with smiling faces and free loot (2 bookmarks and random art pieces), I have ideas galore as to how we can incorporate some of these amazing activities at home. We heart the DMA. xo
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