Weekly Challenge: Beat the Heat

Friday, July 8, 2011

Yeah...those numbers are right. And possibly higher earlier in the week, the heat has drained my memory. Summer in Dallas, Texas can suck the life right out of you. This week's challenge? Beat the heat - Ninja style.

DMA - free crafts, art and A/C. Whaaaah!

Watercolor painting - we're making summer journals via this tutorial.  Whack!

Swimming with the Grandparents and some Chick-fil-a with a side of free ice cream cones to go. Hiee-Yaaaah!

Zero heat "cooking" - hello Taco Salad with left over browned meat from the previous night's spaghetti dinner. This will be going into our summer dinner rotation. It was refreshing and delish. Even the kids ate it. Ninja-like ingredient - Green Goddess Dressing. Yuuuum!

Surf & Swim - a little lazy river. a little ocean. a whole lotta fun. Yaaaah!

Afternoon Ninjago battles followed by some ninja lessons taught by my oldest. Haaaa!

Bookmarks at Northpark - free books, free A/C and lots of entertainment.  Huuuh-ya!

We've got serious stealth ninja moves! Happy weekend. xo
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